The Most Expensive Piano’s in the World

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Since 1853 a number of the worlds most striking and higher quality Kyle Wildlife Removal are made by the world famous piano production firm Steinway & Sons. Immediately recognisable as have been played with some of the music industry’s most respected musicians such as Elton John and Lady Gaga.

The most expensive price a Steinway piano has offered for is a staggering $1.5 million. Steinway tend to be most recognized for their impressive grand pianos but they also make vertical pianos, art case pianos and a choice of custom made pianos.

The principal difference between a grand piano and an upright piano can be found in the positioning of the strings. In an upright piano that the strings are put and sit vertically and at a grand piano that the strings lie horizontally. Many often cite another difference between the two versions is the grand piano produces a richer, better audio.

The legacy of Steinway and sons is American and German as I said at the beginning of the article they’ve been producing pianos in Manhattan NY since 1853. The founder of Steinway & Sons was Heinrich Engelhard who in the time surname was really Steinweg. The Steinway brand is one that is respected and synonymous with top quality and advanced production of pianos which has led to them winning several awards for their contributions to the progress in piano manufacturing.

In addition to being the worlds most admired creators of a few of the worlds most sought after pianos, the mill of Steinway and Sons is in itself a tourist attraction.

The privileged tour of this mill can take around three hours and you’ll have the ability to witness the production of a Steinway and Sons piano from begin to finish, all for free. It’s been stated that a Steinway Piano is the most complicated thing assembled by hand in the world, containing 12000 components per tool (Business Week).

Every Steinway piano in itself is a work of art such excellent care, consideration and attention to every detail to make a piano that’s been constructed to the most extraordinary heights of perfection.

“The outermost layer of every Steinway piano, known as the veneer, uses wood from one tree to ensure uniform appearance and beauty (Business Week).”

A piano from Steinway in Sons is definitely a bit of history in the making and they without doubt justify their will we say exclusive price tag. Steinway & Sons will be the definition of a new they have equity, character, exclusivity and a hugely loyal customer base and it looks set to remain that way many years to come.

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