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When it has to do with hotdogs, we are usually straight up. Most hotdogs cooked Pinoy-style don’t go past the ketchup-mustard-mayo combo. If you order it from fast food restaurants, you may even get some cheese on to that.

Perhaps it’s high time we change things up a bit and get a little more creative with our beloved bite. After all, hotdogs have been our all-time favorite and it would not hurt to explore over its usual serving. Just when you thought your love for hotdog cannot get better, you could just be proved wrong by the many different styles you can prepare and consume it as done in different places across the planet. You can try a new selection, such as the chicken hotdog, and add some cool twists that are sure to make your hotdog experience a great one!

Banh Mi Dog – Embrace the South East Asian tastes with this Vietnamese touch by adding some hot mayo, cucumber, carrot, and fresh mint leaves.

Wildlife Removal Melbourne FL – Transport the sensation of sunshine, sand, and sea by topping your hotdog with some fresh pineapple and sweet red cherry pepper.

You can also try to mix this amazing snack with another awesome bite and make a super-awesome-snack combo! Top off your hotdog with some classic mac and cheese for the ultimate comfort food experience. Or maybe spread some tomato sauce and melt some cheese on top to make a pizza-dog. Or go all Tex-Mex and add spoonfuls of salsa and guacamole.

There are quite a few other variations out there that you could try out. There is no limit to making this apparently ordinary food an extraordinary one. You just have to let your creativity do its magic. Take a step from the traditional food box and experiment a little. You will never know what interesting flavors you may discover. Just remember that all terrific food starts with a crazy thought.

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